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Who We Are

About Us

Oracle Solicitors was founded by Sajjad Shan in 2002 and the law firm started off with a staff of just three, operating from a small office in London. At present, it employs 45 people worldwide.

For the Oracle team, such modest beginnings still shape the business and its outlook. This is not a ‘flash’ law firm in any sense.

As Managing Partner Sajjad Shan says: “Modern law may be a service business, but our essential focus has always been on solving the problems of our clients – whether they’re individuals or large organisations. I’m proud we are a no-frills operation. Clients don’t come to Oracle to look at the art on our walls or for the quality of our coffee.” Sajjad Shan.

Oracle Solicitors is now a well-established, multi-jurisdictional law firm with offices in London, Belfast and Addis Ababa. As well as providing specialist advice in all principal areas of law, the business is particularly in tune with the needs and demands of overseas clients.

To this end, members of the Oracle team are conversant in a wide range of languages, including German, French, Spanish, Russian, Lithuanian, Farsi, Hindi, Arabic, Amharic and other Afro-asiatic language variants.

Oracle Solicitors originally set out to support private individuals in and around London but are now attracting a wide range of commercial business from international clientele.

The no-nonsense approach that is being applied by Oracle has helped the firm win business internationally and is one of the governing principles behind their operations.

A contributing factor to Oracle Solicitors growth has been the “hands on” approach that they offer, similar to that of a smaller firm. This ensures that handling of each case is tailored specifically because they understand that each case is unique, which has led to happier clients.

Extensive and comprehensive knowledge management is an integral part of the professional development of every lawyer with the firm.

Paralegals and trainees are nurtured and guided through qualification to help them reach their potential and become fully fledged solicitors.

Further scope for growth is encouraged throughout the company and there is no better example than that of Director, Claire Kelly. Originally a non-practising barrister, Claire joined as a paralegal seven years ago and has risen up the ranks to where she is today.

We recognise the regulatory requirements of the EU can be especially burdensome for those seeking to access the European market from the outside. This is one of the reasons why Oracle now has an office in Addis Ababa, servicing entrepreneurs in East Africa.

International coverage of our work has attracted interest from other law firms across the globe, seeking closer association and partnership with Oracle.

Oracle have gained a brilliant reputation for assisting with refusal and appeals due to their proven track record of challenging immigration decisions against the Home Office and defending their clients right to remain in the UK.

A major growth area for the firm has been the Aviation sector. It is a heavily regulated area and the firm’s expanding team of specialists has brought a thorough understanding of air transport regulation to the table, alongside industry specific knowledge on licensing, industry commercial contracts, competition, merger regulation and corporate.

The firm have successfully won extradition proceedings against the Russian Federation and continue to fight extradition proceedings against our long list of clients. Oracle are also involved in cases which will develop the law for our Corporate clients.

Defined by Our People

Our firm is designed to operate as one. The quality of our people is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our clients. We invest our time and resources in identifying talented people, developing their skills, and creating an environment that fosters collaboration and problem-solving. Their diversity of background, gender, nationality, and outlook ensure our clients receive a singular balance of deep and broad expertise.

Powered by Knowledge

In today’s world knowledge is key. Our work is founded on a rigorous understanding of the law. We take our time to understand our clients’ needs which are integral to our ability to help clients’ achieve their goals. Every member of our highly skilled legal team is friendly and approachable and will explain the law in jargon-free language.

Focus on the Long Term

We aim to build rewarding long-term relationships with our clients so we will be their first port of call whenever they need legal advice or assistance. We focus on creating value for our clients; doing the right thing and doing it well.